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St. Ours & Company’s Clam Broth is the secret ingredient in award winning New England clam chowder and seafood recipes. The broth made with our clam broth powder mixed in hot water is tastier and more affordable than any other clam broth or clam juice on the market. All our clam broth and seafood stocks are clean label, GMO free, gluten free, contain only natural sea salt, and are minimally processed to maintain the highest quality.


Our business customers include restaurants, foodservice, and food, flavor, and soup manufacturing companies. We produce powdered clam broth, lobster broth, shrimp broth, and custom seafood broth blends. We offer IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) chopped clam meat and frozen minced lobster meat to our industrial customers. For our Foodservice customers, in the New England area, we offer frozen crab, as well as various sizes and varieties of  IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) shrimp and cooked shelled North Atlantic frozen lobster meat.


For our retail customers, you can try our Clam Broth by the mug, as a clam juice, or to enhance the flavor in your favorite seafood recipes by purchasing our retail boxes. Visit our Marketplace page to find a store near you or purchase clam broth online here


Family owned and operated in East Weymouth and Norwell, Massachusetts since 1979.


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